Maximizing Corporate Event Impact with 3ft Marquee Letters: Insights from Rent Letters

Organizing a corporate event involves thorough planning and attention to every detail. Choosing the right venue and decorations is crucial to ensure the event's success and leave a memorable impression. An element of event décor that is often not given enough attention is the use of marquee letters, particularly the striking 3ft marquee letters. In [...]

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Transform Your Wedding with Majestic 3ft Marquee Letters from Rent Letters

Transform Your Wedding with Majestic 3ft Marquee Letters from Rent Letters Organizing a wedding demands meticulous planning and an eye for detail. Every element, from floral designs to table settings, contributes significantly to crafting the perfect atmosphere. Among the unique and often underutilized decorative options are marquee letters, especially the impressive 3ft marquee letters. In [...]

Elevate Your Wedding Day with Spectacular 3ft Marquee Letters from Rent Letters

Planning a wedding involves meticulous attention to detail. Every aspect, from the floral arrangements to the table décor, plays a crucial role in setting the perfect ambiance. A unique and often overlooked decorative feature is marquee letters, particularly striking 3ft marquee letters. In this blog, we dive into how giant marquee letters can enhance your [...]

The Benefits of Using Giant Marquee Letters at a Corporate Event: A Guide from Rent Letters

When it comes to planning a corporate event, every detail matters. From the venue to the decorations, every element must be carefully considered to ensure a successful event that leaves a lasting impression. One often-overlooked aspect of event decor is the use of marquee letters, and more specifically, giant 3ft marquee letters. In this blog, [...]

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Light Up Your Next Event With Giant Marquee Letters

For Event Planners If you're an event planner, you know how important it is to be able to set up and take down your venue as quickly as possible. Marquee letters are the perfect solution for this because they're lightweight and easy to manage. Marquee letters also make it easy for you to add a [...]

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4th of July Wedding Tips: Tasteful Patriotism

If you’re set on a 4th of July wedding you’ve probably been wondering if there are ways to incorporate red, white, and blue in your decor without it looking it like you’re trying to shove patriotism down your guests’ throats. Don’t freight, there is an endless list of ways to use the stars and stripes [...]

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Pros and Cons to Hosting a Holiday Wedding

With the season of summer come a variety of bonuses: warm weather, the Fourth of July, three day weekends, the list could go on. Summer is also the season of weddings, with inevitably a few holiday weddings. Some love them, others not so much. Holiday weddings aren’t exclusively for summer, couples also plan them for [...]

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Newlyweds Reveal The Top 3 Post-Wedding Financial Regrets

Couples spend months, some even years planning their big day to ensure every detail happens perfectly. Despite all the tediously planning, making decisions you later regret is inevitable. Everquote surveyed 500 newlywed couples revealing their biggest financial wedding regrets. Learn from other couples’ mistakes and figure out what you want to avoid on your big [...]

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How Millennials are Modernizing Weddings in 2019

Millennials are changing every aspect of society and weddings are not being left out. Bride to be’s are opting out of traditional planning and trading it in for more techno-savvy methods. Dealspotr Influencer Marketplace polled 500 women ages 25-34 across the US about their wedding or future wedding plans. Technology before Tradition Millennials are transitioning [...]

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The Best Giant Props for Events

Go BIG or go home this Spring with Rent Letters. Giant Props for Your Next Big Event Who doesn't love seeing their brand name in lights? GIANT lights? Having a branded ‘wow factor’ at the entrance helps make your event more memorable. Our friends at Event Manager shared why giant props make for an extra [...]

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