If you’re set on a 4th of July wedding you’ve probably been wondering if there are ways to incorporate red, white, and blue in your decor without it looking it like you’re trying to shove patriotism down your guests’ throats. Don’t freight, there is an endless list of ways to use the stars and stripes subtly, honoring the holiday in the most tasteful ways possible.




Flowers: Red roses always make for amazing looking bouquets and centerpieces, no matter the theme. Incorporating white or different shades of blue into the bouquets keeps with the theme without overdoing it. 


Bridesmaid’s Dresses: Dressing up the bridesmaids in dark red or blue dresses is an easy way to sneak in color. Additionally, your white dress will stand out that much more. 


Cake: Everyone loves a good red velvet cake. You could also consider topping the cake with strawberries, blueberries, etc. 




Marquee Letters: Giant white marquee letters are the perfect addition to any theme. Rent Letter’s marquee letters are 3ft in height, powdered coated white, with bright LED bulbs, and are guaranteed show stopper. Visit RentLetters to see everything we have to offer, or click here to rent now!


Sparklers: Sparklers always make for perfect 4th of July party favors. 




Tuxes: Colored tuxedos are becoming more and more popular, no matter the theme. A navy blue tux with a red tie gives off a tasteful and classy feel. You could even add small white corsages if you wish to include all three colors of the flag. 


Fireworks: These are a must for any 4th of July event, making sure your wedding goes out with a bang. 


Final Thoughts 

These color schemes are all interchangeable, as it’s your wedding! No matter the decor, 4th of July weddings are always to be a blast for everyone involved. 


Happy planning and happy 4th of July, from all of us at Rent Letters!