With the season of summer come a variety of bonuses: warm weather, the Fourth of July, three day weekends, the list could go on. Summer is also the season of weddings, with inevitably a few holiday weddings. Some love them, others not so much.

Holiday weddings aren’t exclusively for summer, couples also plan them for Christmas, New Years, ect. While there can be many benefits of planning your wedding on a holiday, there can be many cons as well. Before you set your holiday date, you may want to weigh in all the factors!


Pros to Having a Holiday Wedding:

More Travel Days

One of the biggest reasons couples want a holiday wedding is because of the three day weekend. This gives guests better opportunity to travel, and an extended celebration.

Anniversary Date

Some couples believe sharing their anniversary with a holiday gives it a special meaning. It will give that holiday special significance, making its celebrations even more fun in the future. Not to mention you’ll never have to worry about forgetting it!

Endless Theme Ideas

If you’re struggling to pick out themes and colors for your wedding, holidays have endless possibilities. Fourth of July could be different tones of red, white, and blue. New Year’s Eve could be black and gold. No matter the route, it won’t be difficult when you start brainstorming.

Venue Availability and Costs

Most of the time couples try to steer clear of holiday weddings, making it more difficult for venues to get those weekends booked. Sometimes they’ll offer a cut in price than if it were on a regular weekend. Though this all depends on the venue and the holiday itself.

Cons to Having a Holiday Wedding:

Guest Availability

Holidays offer a chance for people to travel, relax, or spend time with family. So unless you’re having a small or family-only wedding, guests may have other plans.


Costs of travel and everything that comes with it skyrocket around holidays. It may be difficult for some guests to make accommodations for that reason. And while some venues may lower prices, others raise costs significantly. Vendors may do the same as well.


Everyone knows traffic around the holidays is less than ideal. Parking spot availability may be another added frustration due to the holidays. Be sure to check if there are any overlapping events going on near you, such as parades or firework displays that may make accessing your wedding more difficult.

Final Thoughts

Planning a holiday wedding does present a few extra challenges that a regular wedding may not. However, if a holiday wedding is something that you’re set on, or perfectly fits in with the theme you’re going for, it may very well be worth it. Every couple and wedding is unique, what works for some, won’t for others. We just hope these are some things you take into consideration before deciding on whether or not to have a holiday wedding!

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