Go BIG or go home this Spring with Rent Letters.

Giant Props for Your Next Big Event

Who doesn’t love seeing their brand name in lights? GIANT lights? Having a branded ‘wow factor’ at the entrance helps make your event more memorable.

Our friends at Event Manager shared why giant props make for an extra special event…

‘Photo opportunities – Props tend to draw attendees to them, and generally the bigger the better so it won’t be long before you see your props on social media (so try to squeeze your event hashtag in there!)

Sponsorship – As large focal points, props can be excellent opportunities to offer something different to make your sponsorship packages stand out.

Décor – Use props to draw the eye and compliment other room décor or even have them covering unsightly areas of the venue or larger, plain walls.’

If done badly, giant letters can look tacky and cheap so it’s important to use them in the right situation, and from the right vendor.

Marquee Letter Rental from Rent Letters

Rent Letters provides the highest quality marquee letters on the market across the continental United States. Each letter rents for $189.95 which includes free return shipping (loading dock to loading dock).

Three feet in height, powder coated timeless white and with super-bright turbo bulbs, our marquee letters are a guaranteed show-stopper.

How it Works

We ship your marquee letters to arrive approximately 1-2 days prior to your event, you keep them for your event, we ship them back!

You can order your marquee letter rental online at any time here. If you have special instructions or need an extended rental, simply give us a call on 1-800-450-1276.

Once we ship your order you’ll receive a personalized shipping link via email so you can track your shipment at all times.

Giant props can be invaluable to an event and there are always benefits such as brand awareness, sponsorship opportunities, and endless photo possibilities from having oversized items at your event.

So go big for your next event with Rent Letters. Happy event planning!