A marriage proposal is one of the most memorable moments of your life! Discover ideas that will help you “pop-the-question” in the most creative way.

Here are some of the best marriage proposal ideas from simple and thoughtful to extravagant and memorable!


  1. Treasure Hunt

    A classic, certainly, but no less memorable or sweet than it has ever been. A treasure hunt, with lots of clues to lead her that are specific to your relationship from spot to spot until, at the last location, there’s only you. No more notes, just a ring, and one simple question. The best part is that you don’t even need to be in the room when it starts. Just let her find her own way.

  2. Revisit Your First Date

    Recreating your first date, or most of it, may be the most simple and most thoughtful way to propose.  It just might also be the most romantic. If the restaurant you were at closed or there is another complication, just make it another first such as first kiss location. Pick a first, and make another first!

  3. Scuba Diving

    This one is definitely more complicated and requires planning ahead. If you’re willing to go the extra mile, this is an incredibly special idea. Once down at the bottom and comfortable, pull out the ring and propose. Make sure someone else is in on the secret and has a camera to record the moment.

  4. Hot Air Balloon

    The nice thing about this proposal idea is that hot air balloons are available in lots of places nowadays! Once in the air, you will be amazed at two things; the uninterrupted views all around, and the absolute silence. We can’t think of a more perfect view while you get down on one knee.

  5. Use Your Words

    Another very simple yet extremely thoughtful proposal option. Choose an appropriate poem such as Byron’s “She Walks In Beauty”, or even better, write your own! There is no more intimate way of professing your love before you ask for their hand in marriage. Finish the poem, have the ring ready and softly make your proposal. Romantic? It’s right here.

  6. Marquee Letters

    Our personal favorite, using Rent Letters marquee letters to spell out ‘Marry Me’,’Forever’,’Love’, or any other phrase you want in the background of your proposal photos. This is the best way to take your proposal to the next level with our quality professional grade 3 foot marquee letters. Order yours here today!