Millennials are changing every aspect of society and weddings are not being left out. Bride to be’s are opting out of traditional planning and trading it in for more techno-savvy methods. Dealspotr Influencer Marketplace polled 500 women ages 25-34 across the US about their wedding or future wedding plans.

Technology before Tradition

Millennials are transitioning to using videographers instead of photographers. 62% of Millennials said they aren’t or wouldn’t hire a professional photographer, instead they want every moment captured so the best can be made into an Instagram-worthy highlight reel. 75% of couples are also paying to create Snapchat geofilters to make their day even more memorable for them and their guests. Only 35% of Millennials use a traditional wedding registry, only 50% still send out physical save-the-dates, and 62% now have their ceremony outside of church or other religious places.

Importance of Personalization

Those aren’t the only discrepancies being made in the wedding world. Along with the ceremony being outside of a religious venue, they are becoming increasingly less formal. To personalize the wedding, they are prompting for their close friends or family members to administer the ceremony, as well as write their own vows and include unique music features. The length of the ceremony is also being shortened significantly, to 30 minutes or less.

Forget Gender-Specific Wedding Parties

Some even bigger adjustments being made are wedding parties being created based on relationships, not gender. Gener-fluid wedding parties are gaining more popularity as millennial couples recognize that gender-specific wedding roles do not fit their relationships. Bridesmaids/bridesmen and groomsmen/groomswomen are now chosen off of which relationships the couple finds most important to them.

Being Picture-Perfect is Essential

As social media has become more influential in Millennial’s lives, it also influenced how their weddings are conducted. Brides have started using Instagram to find wedding vendors to ensure that their venue really will be picture perfect.

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Happy Planning!