Couples spend months, some even years planning their big day to ensure every detail happens perfectly. Despite all the tediously planning, making decisions you later regret is inevitable. Everquote surveyed 500 newlywed couples revealing their biggest financial wedding regrets. Learn from other couples’ mistakes and figure out what you want to avoid on your big day!


1. Overspending for the Venue


⅓ of the couples admitted if they could do one thing over again, they would spend less on the venue. Some easy ways to save are by booking on an off day or season, using a public-park or city-owned building, or even borrowing a place, like your friend’s beautiful family farm or backyard. Choosing a venue that’s BYOB is another quick way to save, this way you can avoid the high prices some places may charge for alcohol. You could also go the opposite route by booking an all-inclusive venue.

2. Underspending on Photos and Videos

One thing couples can agree on is that a good photographer or videographer is money well spent. Photos and videos enable couples to look back on memories when the big day is over. It’s important that those photos and videos offer high quality memories, not blurry ones. It’s best to make sure you have a date and venue set before trying to book a photographer, that way they know for sure if they’re available or not. Research their work, read reviews, follow them on social media, do whatever you feel necessary to find a photographer you’re confident that will be worth it.

3. Not Sticking to the Budget

Almost 50% of the surveyed couples admitted to going over budget, and while some of those were just a few thousand dollars over, a few said the final bill was more than 20,000 dollars over budget. While you want your big day to be one to remember, you don’t want it to be one that prevents financial stability for the future. Some believe this to be inevitable, but there are endless ways to set and stick to a budget. Set the non negotiables, know what you want, and consider compromising the rest. If you can get something for free, why not? Track all spending, write everything down, keep it somewhere you can check it often.

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