Everyone knows stressing about planning a big event is inevitable, but there can be many ways to minimize that stress as much as possible. Rent Letters has 5 easy tips for “stress free” event planning!

  1. Create a Calendar

Make a day-to-day check-list of everything small detail that needs to be done. Knowing everything that needs to be done and when makes it less likely for deadlines to sneak up on you. Life is much easier when you’re not rushing around trying to get everything done last-minute. It’s also more satisfying to physically cross things off your to-do list, showing yourself that you’re being productive!

  1. Stick to your Budget

One of the biggest causes of stress when it comes to planning events is knowing you’re spending more than you should be. Creating and sticking to a budget is essential for successful planning. It’s also beneficial to work a contingency plan into the budget, to be better prepared for unexpected or last-minute changes. You can get additional budgetary advice from Rent Letters here!

  1. Take Care of the Big Items First

While taking care of the small details may be easier and more fun, it’s not beneficial in the long run to have that all set before the big stuff. It won’t matter that you have all matching napkins and flowers if you weren’t even able to book a food vendor. One of the first and most important things that should be decided is the venue, and it’s best to pick one known for being reliable. Venues that provide things like seating, catering, and lighting takes a lot off your plate, reducing some of that stress as well.

  1. Automate Everything Possible

Today, there’s an app for essentially everything, and having all your data in one place is extremely beneficial. Create a group messaging chat for the entire team so everyone is up to date and always on the same page. It’s much easier if there’s a small change that needs to be made and to minimize miscommunication and future mishaps. You can also create automated to-do lists that send you monthly, weekly, or daily reminders. Feeling constantly up-to-date makes planning and life in general much easier.

  1. Expect the Unexpected

Although we spend hours planning to ensure that everything goes smoothly, things can still go wrong. Coming up with a plan B ensures that everything will still play out as planned, even if the details are slightly different. It takes a lot of stress away knowing exactly what to do if someone cancels on you or you’re not able to book your number one choice.

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We hope your event is the best it can be with the least amount of stress possible.

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Happy, stress free planning!