White is elegant. Embrace the white-on-white theme to make a corporate event, wedding or birthday bash feel professional and sophisticated.

Appropriate for a day or evening event, white will both brighten the mood and evoke a feeling of dignity and grace. Here’s how to incorporate it into your next big (or small) event…

White Party Entertainment

Every party needs entertainment, booking some fantastic white themed acts will perfectly fit into your white party! From futuristic-looking white Dancing Robots, or a cellist – with a white cello and dress – can provide the accompanying soundtrack.

Eat and Drink it!

If you want to add some humor into the party, serve white foods, such as chicken, rice, and white asparagus. Of course you can always serve white cake and vanilla ice cream at a wedding, but those are dessert favorites, appropriate for any event.

Create a white signature cocktail for guests such as the Blanc Martini:

blanc martini

How to mix

Fill a shaker with ice cubes. Add all ingredients. Shake and strain into a cocktail glass.



White Decor

The possibilities are endless! White-on-white decor can include feather-embellished centerpieces, abstract fabric sculptures, white-tufted furnishings, and flowers hung upside-down.

Some show-stopping giant white marquee letters will wow your guests adding the personal touch of your event’s name, initials, theme or hashtag. Check out these 3 foot Marquee letters from Rent Letters

WEAR White

Last but not least, ask your guests to wear white. For New York’s first Dîner en Blanc at the World Financial Center Plaza last year, guests were asked to wear white clothing and bring a list of items—including white plastic folding chairs and square tables, white tablecloths and napkins, white dinnerware.

Photo: Jika González for BizBash

Happy event planning from the team at Rent Letters!