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7 of the Worst DIY Wedding Decor Fails

Clearly, some things should be left to the professionals. Take a look at some of these awful wedding do-it-yourself disasters before you consider trying to pull off some elaborate Pinterest projects for your wedding. 1.) Lumpy Doily Lanterns Source   2.) A Colorful Surprise Source   3.) The Saddest Flowers You Ever Did See Source [...]

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Modern Menus For This Year’s Wedding Season

The food served at your wedding is often so much more important than people realize. It is also more complicated. Trying to appeal to every guest’s tastes and dietary needs is never as easy as it seems. The other difficult part is making sure that it is something you really want to eat too. Food [...]

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Couples Favoring the “Earlymoon” Over Traditional Honeymoon

Honeymoons have always been a source of relaxation and peace after the chaos of a wedding, but most of the stress builds up prior to the big day. This is why couples have started taking an “earlymoon”. An earlymoon occurs before the ceremony ever begins, as a way for couples to escape and destress. Several [...]

2017-07-06T19:30:18+00:00 July 6th, 2017|Recent News|

Miami Dolphins Super-Fan Wears Team Helmet During His Wedding

Lee Toplanding is not your average football fan. He is as committed to his favorite team as he is to his brand new bride, and here is why. According to his Twitter account, this groom lives nearly 4,500 miles away from his beloved Dolphins. Located in England, Lee travels this distance every year to see [...]

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Bride and Groom Rescued By Volunteer Fire Department

Newlywed bride Maria Leonardi and groom Justin Stone were on their way to celebrate their recent marriage when things began to get a bit heated. The wedding party was riding a trolley to the reception when suddenly a compartment engine fire broke out.   The conductor of the trolley kept the flames under control with [...]

2017-06-12T19:00:28+00:00 June 12th, 2017|Recent News|

The Hottest Wedding Trends for Summer 2017

Every bride wants their big day to be special. Not only is it important for the bride and groom to have an amazing experience, but for the guests to have one as well. The desire to create this enchanting and unique atmosphere brings on a whole slew of questions. These inevitably become too overwhelming, even [...]

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