Event planning isn’t an easy job with several different elements and details requiring a LOT of attention at all times. There is also a significant difference between planning a stand-alone exhibition and corporate event planning. Have you been wondering whether or not your corporate event is on track to being a success? Rent Letters has put together the ultimate guide to corporate event planning showing you the best way to set yourself up for a successful event.


  1. Client’s Goals

    Though you may have a vision of what you think would be best, keep in mind that the client’s goals come first. The most important thing is the company’s mission, and it is best to invest your time into clarifying these goals and the message your client wants to communicate. To make this a meaningful dialogue, write down some questions in advance so you have a clear image while developing the rest of your planning process.

  2. The Concept

    The concept of your event is extremely important in the planning process because this is the step where you develop your central theme. Some of the most popular corporate events are:

    – Charity event
    – Seminar/Conference
    – Team building event
    – Product launch

    Come up with a good reason as to why people should attend, this will allow you to create metrics in order to measure the success of the event as well. Your goals for the event should also be established in this step so your team can better measure your progress throughout the planning process.

  3. Organize Your Timeline

    Every task you create for your corporate event ideally should have a deadline whether that be before, during, or after your event. For example, a post-event survey for a sales team or your entire staff should have a deadline of when it will be sent out even though this will occur after your event. If you have a team helping you plan, make sure you have a checklist for each team member for all of their delegated tasks.

  4. The Budget

    Budgets for corporate events can vary widely based on the corporate event type and size of the company. These kinds of budgets can range from $1000 to $50,000, and you have to make the most out of whatever financial situation you’re working with. It’s typically helpful to make a list of things that will require significant spending of your budget such as a venue or a food menu. Calculate in advance whether the total sum matches your expectations, and also make sure to factor in a cushion to your budget for the inevitable unexpected expenses.

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