The difference between a good event and an exceptional event lies in your decor and details! Regardless of the type of your event, there are specific event decor pieces that are sure to be stand-outs and will take any event to the next level. Think about the last event you went to, can you remember anything that made a lasting impression? Most guests typically experience the highest impact right when they walk in the door, which makes your event decor even more significant and crucial to your success. Check out these essential event decor tips that will transform your event from ordinary to extraordinary!



Ambience is without a doubt the most crucial piece to your event decor puzzle. This is what will set the tone for your entire event: formal or informal, business or party, conservative or trendy? Your decor will subliminally impact the way your guests behave throughout your event, therefore you want to make sure that the event decor matches the atmosphere of the event.


Trendy Chairs

Chair covers and sashes are very outdated, upgrade to a chair that matches the theme of your event. The right chairs can and will dramatically impact the atmosphere, and this is also a decor piece that your guests will have the most time and experience with. A guest may leave your event thinking about the beautiful centerpiece they saw during dinner, but they will also remember if they were extremely uncomfortable throughout the event. Event decor is all about the personalized touch and attention to detail, and we advise extra attention to detail when it comes to seating.


Statement Pieces

This is a piece that you choose to completely captivate your audience. Our favorite to recommend is Rent Letters Giant Marquee Letters! Whether you are planning a wedding, a corporate event, a holiday business party, or anything in between these marquee letters are sure to WOW your guests! These 3-foot letters are the highest quality construction with professional turbo-style LED lights. Our letters are one-of-a-kind and the best statement piece you could have at any event!


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