Congrats, you’ve done it! All the details are worked out, and the event is about ready to go. Whether it’s a corporate event, a wedding, or anything else they require several months of planning and hard work. However, now I’m sure you’re asking yourself, “What can I do to make this event even better? What will make it pop? What will make it memorable?”

We have your solution. Check out these 3 suggestions to make your event memorable, creative, and fun for all of your guests.


A personalized welcome.

Starting your event off with a personalized welcome that makes every guest feel special is the perfect way to start an event. The great thing about this idea is that it’s super budget friendly! A good idea to get something that the majority of guests will appreciate is to have them fill out a questionnaire asking them questions about things pertaining to your event.


Set the mood with lighting and colors.

To create the perfect mood, you need the perfect kind of lighting. Bright lights are known to cause large emotional reactions from different kind of stimulus. A perfect option for lighting for your event are our Rent Letters 3 foot marquee letters!

This will add an unforgettable and timeless look to your next special event by renting giant marquee letters. Powder coated timeless white, with super-bright turbo bulbs, our marquee letters are a guaranteed show-stopper. Get a quote for letters to rent here!


Customized “Thank You” notes.

After having a very successful event, one of the things that will make it most memorable is expressing gratitude. Your guests will definitely remember a thank you from your group to show appreciation for their attendance. According to GevMe, there are 5 appropriate steps to giving a thank you:

  1. Create a list of guests who attended the event and a list of those who didn’t
  2. Thank those guests who attended the event
  3. Reach out to those who missed the event
  4. Send your guests some links and CTAs
  5. Win back those guests who have not interacted


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We would love to help you make your event the very best it can be.

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