Getting married is a wonderful time in life, but if you are not fully prepped for your day it can be an organizational nightmare. One of the most important aspects of the day is the beautiful bride who deserves to look absolutely flawless, whether you’re bringing in professional help or doing everything on your own.

Don’t be afraid to start planning your beauty strategy in order with booking any facials in addition to eyelash, nail and hair appointments.  This simple 5 product guide will ensure you have a beautiful day without having to worry about unflattering candids or a makeup catastrophe.


  1. Skin Prep

    Arguably one of the most important steps of your beauty prep for the wedding, skin prep is essential to your flawless wedding day look. Regular facials will be very helpful in making sure your skin’s texture is smooth so you have the best base for your makeup.

  2. Trial Run(s)

    Makeup and hair need to be perfected by your wedding day, and the best way to make sure this happens is scheduling one or even two trial runs. You want to find someone that completely understands your style and the look that you’re going for, so our advice is to schedule appointments with a few different hair and makeup artists. Allure recommends to schedule an appointment 6 months in advance then schedule an additional trial two months before the wedding.
  3. Makeup Products

    A few beauty products you absolutely must have on your wedding day are waterproof mascara and concealer. The waterproof mascara is for obvious reasons, it will be a very emotional day for everyone involved. Black streaks down your face will not make for the best photos, several brides go for eyelash extensions to avoid this problem. Another must-have product is concealer for any last minute breakouts. Didn’t get any sleep the night before your wedding? No worries, concealer will also help you cover any dark circles that you have to give you that beautiful bright-eyed wedding look.

  4. Manicure

    First and foremost, your wedding nails are completely up to you and whatever is most flattering. A reason you may want to keep your nails neutral, however, is a bright punch of nail polish could potentially distract from your gorgeous dress. Softer shades are typically much more flattering to your overall look.

  5. Touch-Up Kit

    Weddings = giant love fests. It’s an amazing and beautiful occasion, and that also means tears will inevitably be shed. Your initial makeup application will not last a full eight hours, so a touch-up kit is a great thing to pack to bring along with you throughout the day. Things to pack will be a blush, mascara, translucent powder, tissues, and cotton swabs. All of this can be stored in a bridesmaid’s clutch or with a close family member.

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