You may have noticed most weddings that you’ve been invited to this year are in the summer. No coincidence here, we can definitely see why summer is labeled as wedding season. Summer is typically associated with care-free feeling with amazing weather, and everyone’s schedules tend to free up in the summer months. If you’re on the fence with throwing your own summer wedding, you’ll definitely be convinced after reading our top 5 reasons to do so.


  1. Option of an outdoor wedding.

    An outdoor wedding is the best to experience an amazing scenery during the ceremony. This will be a significantly more comfortable climate than a fall or winter alternative. The options are endless with outdoor weddings and give you the opportunity to customize and make it your own. Whether you are someone that prefers beaches, or a more woodsy setting, the summer months are perfect to give you those options to choose whatever suits you both as a couple.

  2. Sunshine for your wedding photos.

    The golden hour of sunshine never fails for beautiful photos, and blue skies with lower chances of rain are definitely in your favor. Wedding fashions during the summer season also are poised for beautiful photography. The options are endless from gorgeous bright patterns to soft effortless looks, you really can’t go wrong.

  3. People are more likely to travel.

    Winter usually calls for snow storms, and spring can mean nasty rain storms that can be extremely dangerous to travel long distances in. Most people will actually factor in summer weddings in their vacation plans.
    Jessica Janik of The Invisible Bridesmaid says, “People like an excuse to get away, especially during the summer months, and they usually have more vacation days left versus having your wedding in the winter when they might have already taken all of their time off.”

  4. Tons of options for wedding flowers.

    Are you a fan of roses and sunflowers? If so, summer is an excellent time to purchase for your wedding bouquet. These blooms will last well into the fall season as well. You can even find several flowers such as geraniums that act as insect repellents. Basil, mint, rosemary, and lavender are all great herb options for insect repellent as well. Flowers will be of highest quality and grown everywhere during the summer months. If you have your heart set on a very specific type of flower, summer is also your best chance to get them for an affordable price.

  5. Save some coin.

    This is obviously the greatest incentive, and the top reason to have a summer wedding. Warmer weather always means light and fresh food. This type of menu is much more appropriate than a heavy meal with an overabundance of food. If you’re native to the southern states, late summer weddings are a great time to look for discounts on caterers and wedding venues. Extreme heat during the months of July and August usually cause weddings to slow up, so this can score you a great deal on wedding essentials.

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