June is a month that calls for celebration; a celebration that holds a particular significance for members of the LGBTQ community in the United States. Everywhere people have been celebrating their right to be themselves and love whomever they choose. June 26th is a particularly special day to mark a collective change of mind: the day the Supreme Court ruled that gay Americans had the right to marry in every state in the country.

With marriage comes weddings, and with weddings comes a LOT of wedding planning. Wedding planning is already so stressful, and when most advice is revolving around the tradition of a bride and groom, it can be hard to relate. Fear not, we’ve put a list together of tips that every same-sex couple should know while planning their wedding.


Create your own tradition.

There’s not a specific script in place for you to follow, which may seem stressful but it’s such an exciting opportunity. You have no rules to follow, and you have the chance to focus on what works for you and your partner versus trying to mold to societal expectations. It’s all about what you want your ceremony to be centered around, and that leaves so much room for creativity and innovation.

Think about your outfit early.

If you and your partner are both planning to wear tuxes or suits, this process is much more comfortable and won’t require as much attention. However, if you are a bride who does not necessarily want to wear a gown, the process is much more difficult. Many times it is hard to find wedding outfits for lesbian brides, and it is recommended to look into custom-made tailored outfits far in advance. This will give you plenty of time to find discounts and deals on the outfits you and your partner are planning on wearing for the special day. Share photos and make sure you and your bride are on the same page with color schemes and style of wear.

Wedding planner.

Only if you have the budget for it, a wedding planner would be of great assistance in situations like yours. It will make finding same-sex friendly venues, caterers, and the stress of planning so much easier. If you also notice that wedding planning isn’t getting the necessary attention it needs, this will free up a lot of your valuable time to focus on being excited for your big day.

Ceremony seating.

Typically, the bride’s family will sit on the left customarily, and the groom’s on the right. When you have two of the same, this can get a little tricky to distinguish seating. This is another area for you to get creative with your ceremony. Instead of picking a side, have everyone choose a seat because it is all about two families becoming one.


Bad news, weddings are expensive. It is essential to remain firm but prepare to be slightly flexible regarding your budget. Unexpected costs will come up, things will cost more than you initially expect, and it is all a part of the process. Talk openly about the budget and define your financial goals for the wedding together as a couple. Budgeting together is something you will be doing once you are officially a married couple, so this is a great time to practice! A cushioned budget for your wedding is highly recommended to avoid unnecessary stress.


Lastly, make sure you focus on what you and your partner want to do, not what any family or society wants you to do. Your wedding is your stage, own it and have fun! Congratulations, the staff at RentLetters is incredibly happy for you, and we celebrate with you!

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