Planning an event on your own is challenging, and being an event professional whose career is planning is extremely demanding. As we all know, planning anything comes with several unexpected road bumps. According to Social Tables’ recent survey, the most noticeable impact on the industry has been the implementation of event technology at a variety of events. This is a blessing and curse, considering 25 percent of those surveyed event planners’ budgets are decreasing this year. These are the top challenges we have found for event planners in 2018.


  1. Less Money From Sponsors: When you’re banking on a certain account, and it just doesn’t come through how you would expect. This is a scenario that happens all too often in event planning, and the important thing to remember is what you value more: the relationship or the account. Be prepared to negotiate.
  2. Keeping Up With Technology: The world is becoming more and more digital as we speak, and event planning and management is no exception. The fees of event planning technology can be a premium price, but it is well worth the investment to stay up to date.
  3. Event Security: The biggest question here is to determine what degree of security is necessary for your particular event. Determining the appropriate level of security while managing within your budget can pose challenges; remember that your guests’ safety is a top priority.
  4. Time: Lack of resources and capability are the main culprits of this challenge. Time management and setting deadlines for booking a caterer, DJ, and many other things will help you stay on track for a successful event.
  5. Innovation And Creativity: It is important to stay on top of the newest venues and spaces available for rent for events. Everyone wants the most innovative ideas, stay on the lookout for the most unique experiences and locations on the market.


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