Weddings are not just for churches anymore. Many couples are choosing to say ‘I do’ in more uncommon or sentimental locations. If you happen to be planning a wedding yourself, but don’t know where to start, try taking a look at these wedding venues. This list is full of unique and memorable locations. An added bonus is that they also won’t break the bank.

Unique or Just Plain Weird?

Several couples have come full circle by commemorating their marriage at the same place as where they first met. As you can probably imagine, these venues go well beyond the term ‘unique’, and leans more toward the term ‘outrageous’.

An article by was put together to highlight some of the strangest venue options known to man. The list includes a Taco Bell, a gas station, a roller coaster, and more.

My personal favorite is a bride and groom that were wed at the Star Trek Convention in London, England. The pair were so devoted to their fandom that they actually completed the entire ceremony in Klingon!

Memorable And Modest

Botanical Garden: It is really hard to beat a picturesque setting filled with beautiful flowers and foliage. Add in some bubbling fountains and high glass ceilings, and you’ve got it all. While the venue itself may not be incredibly budget-friendly, you could certainly save on floral arrangements.

Museum: This is definitely an ideal location for a history buff. Can you imaging setting up a DJ booth near the wooly mammoth exhibit? Just make sure to keep track of children in attendance, since they may feel the urge to run off to look at other displays.

Theme Park: Large parks like Disney World and Busch Gardens have special packages specifically designed for weddings. Ferris wheels, corndogs, balloons, oh my! This can also be a great option for couples looking to host their ceremony and reception all in the same place.

Money Saving Tips:

No matter which venue you two decide on, there are always a few things you can do to keep the costs down.

  • Schedule your nuptials on a Friday or Sunday. Since most people have their weddings on Saturday, you can avoid the rush and high prices by changing your date. MoneyCrashers reports that couples can save up to 50% if they switch their wedding date.
  • Bigger cities come with bigger price tags. You can easily save $10,000 by relocating your event to a smaller town. This does not mean that you have to go very far. Electing for a nearby suburb can still save some major cash.
  • Everyone knows that wedding season is in full swing during the summer months. Skip the drama with an off-season wedding. Give yourself more options for venues and caterers while also cutting costs.