“Millennials are reinventing the wedding industry. They’re putting their own twist on tradition and adding their own flair to their special day,” says Sarah Paladino of Eddie’s Catering. As an entirely new generation is introduced to the wedding scene, many changes are sure to follow. Let’s take a look at where millennials are headed by discussing growing, declining, and altogether new trends they are developing.


Many millennials today are choosing to wait until later in life to say ‘I do’. There are several theories as to why this pattern is emerging.

A backlash to watching many of their own parents struggle over divorce, this generation is in no hurry to tie the knot. Instead they often prefer to put marriage on hold until they feel that they are truly ready to enter into its lifelong commitment.

These individuals are also waiting until they are in a more financially stable position. Since most of them are still repaying debts from student loans, they have little extra income available to spend on a lavish wedding.


In general, the millennial generation is not concerned with the every day pomp and circumstance that their parents were endlessly involved in. Instead, they prefer plain and uncomplicated lifestyles.

One industry that has been severely affected by this new lifestyle is the diamond industry. De Beers, the current front running diamond supplier, recently released their “Diamond Insight Report of 2016.” Of course, the report discusses the many challenges that the company faces in marketing to millennials.

The main sticking point that has driven this generation away from traditions like diamond engagement rings, is that they are much more aware of the expense of it all. In 2016, the knot gave the following averages for common wedding expenses:

  • Officiant = $278
  • Wedding Dress = $1,564
  • Florist = $2,534
  • Engagement Ring = $6,163
  • Venue = $16,107

With wedding costs on the rise, it is much less of a shock as to why millennials are choosing to forego these high prices in favor of more simple and budget-friendly options.


Along with being mindful of cost, millennials are also concerned with offering a unique experience. This has become an important goal for this age group. This is primarily because millennials want there to be something genuinely special about their big day.

In the case of food, this generation has begun using food trucks, craft beers, and old family recipes as a way to include special options on the menu. Each of these give guests the opportunity to find something they enjoy. It is impossible to please everyone, but these choices makes it a bit easier to try. Take a look at our article “Modern Menus For This Year’s Wedding Season” for more insight on the topic.

Millennials are also changing the game when it comes to venue. Our article “Unique and Affordable Wedding Venue Ideas” sheds some light upon the subject. We took a look at out-of-the box wedding locations that are also easy on the bank. Ideas range from an earthy botanical garden to a fun-filled theme park.

It is true that millennials are transforming the wedding industry. This group has become focused on celebrating their nuptials with a simplistic and affordable occasion. However, they also feel it is important to be unique.