Newlywed parents Jael Reinhold and John Pulcipher thought that they had given themselves plenty of cushion with their wedding date, but they were completely mistaken. In an interview with People, the bride and groom tell the amazing story of how their daughter came into this world on their wedding day.

Little miss Briar Dorothy Pulcipher arrived six weeks prior to her due date because she just could not stand to miss out on all the fun. Her mother was admitted to Munson Medical Center in Traverse, Michigan on Tuesday, July 25, just 4 days before the original wedding date.  The parents were incredibly disappointed to cancel their ceremony and send all of the guests away. However, Briar had not arrived just yet.

When John saw just how upset his soon-to-be bride was, John said,  “I knew that not having the wedding was not going to be an option for her”. As Jael and Briar held tight, he arranged to move the entire wedding ceremony and reception to the Hospital’s conference space in the basement. On the morning of the wedding, everything was ready to go, including little Briar.

Jael went into labor early that Saturday morning. By early afternoon, the couple was ecstatic to meet their newborn daughter. Jael and John were still able to go through with the wedding ceremony, not more than 5 hours after baby Briar was born.The bridesmaids and groomsmen wore their beautiful dresses and suits to the hospital to meet the guest of honor. Briar was introduced to over 70 friends and family from inside her incubator.

Briar will have to remain in the intensive care unit for a few weeks, but her parents will be close by in a rented room just outside of the hospital. While the couple is still in shock and awe of the week’s events, father John is certain that it is a memory that will not soon be forgotten. With plenty of laughter he remarks, ““If I forget this date, I’m going to be in major trouble!”

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