The atmosphere of any event has an incredibly large influence over its audience. Visual appeal is more important than most people realize. Keep your upcoming event trendy with these decoration ideas and tips.

1.) Theme

The most essential first step in event planning is to choose a theme. It is easy for themes to get a bit out of hand and become rather cheesy and commercialized, but they don’t have to be. A theme can be as simple as a color scheme or a single overarching idea.

Banquetevent suggests to start by outlining the specific goals of the event. Establish a baseline by defining the audience and what you want them to gain from the experience. Once this has been completed, move on to brainstorming.

Write down all of your ideas, no matter how crazy. Then start to scale it back and refine your list to what will best translate the overall message you wish to convey. Also be sure to include other members of your team or your clients before choosing a final theme. The more opinions, the better. Just try to accept their criticism with an open mind.

2.) Large Scale Display

It has become very popular to decorate the largest wall in the room with a single display. This idea gives way to an infinite number of options. Whether you choose to cover the wall in artwork, paper flowers, or lighted letters, the main idea is to make a statement.

A more simple way to do this is with video mapping. This type of technology allows you to project any kind of image against an empty space.

An easy example would be to project the company’s logo, but you can also do much more. Video mapping has the ability to completely transform a space into a 4D type of experience, which is certain to gain attention.

3.) Lighting

Lighting is one of the single most important aspects in event design. When done correctly, it can perfectly highlight all of your other decorations.

An article by StagingConnections presents 4 lighting ideas that can accentuate any event. The article mentions Gobo’s as a great way to incorporate added depth to an event.

A gobo is a pattern created when light shines through a stencil. They are a great way to advertise any brand in a stunning fashion.

As always, we enthusiastically offer our giant 3-foot marquee letters as a way to transform any event. Our letters perfectly coordinate with any theme with their simple powder white coating and dazzling white LED turbo bulbs.

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