Newlywed bride Maria Leonardi and groom Justin Stone were on their way to celebrate their recent marriage when things began to get a bit heated. The wedding party was riding a trolley to the reception when suddenly a compartment engine fire broke out.


The conductor of the trolley kept the flames under control with a fire extinguisher that was on board as everyone waited for the fire department to arrive and expertly extinguish the fire. All passengers and personnel aboard the trolley were completely unharmed, but were also out of their transportation! This is when the Avon Volunteer Fire Department of Avon, Connecticut swooped in to save the big day.

The crew quickly offered a lift on the firetruck to the happy couple, to which Stone reported, “We both jumped at the opportunity.”, in an interview he had with ABC News. The bride and groom were exceedingly grateful to the firefighters and could not believe the team’s wonderful response to the incident. Unfortunately, only the two lovebirds were able to be transported to the reception, but it is still a memory that they are not likely to soon forget.

The Chief of the department told ABC News, “I’m very proud of our volunteer fire department and the men and women who are a part of it. We were able to assist and make their memorable day just a little bit more special.”

This wonderful story just goes to show that no matter what goes wrong during the special day, it cannot be overshadowed by the promise and commitment of an entire lifetime together. We here at Rent Letters wish the couple all the best in their future, and we hope that no more fires will get in the way of their eternal happiness!

*Featured image courtesy of the Avon Volunteer Fire Department