Every bride wants their big day to be special. Not only is it important for the bride and groom to have an amazing experience, but for the guests to have one as well. The desire to create this enchanting and unique atmosphere brings on a whole slew of questions. These inevitably become too overwhelming, even for the most organized of planners. So if you’re looking for a place to start, here it is!



Decor has a huge impact on the success and uniqueness of any event, especially weddings. There are many particular aspects that go into the atmosphere of a wedding, which can make it difficult to narrow down all of the options in order to select what is exactly right for you. Our company, Rent Letters, is perfect for anyone’s wedding decor because it offers a unique experience for everyone. The large stylish bright letters will certainly attract attention and are guaranteed to be in the backdrop of many memorable photos. Follow this link to get your own giant marquee letters for your wedding day!



The incredibly popular “naked” cake that was widely adored a couple of years ago has been lightly clothed. A thin layer of icing dripping over the cake is now what most couples are leaning towards. Many are also choosing to go back to more traditional cake styles with several tiers and a full coat of icing. This trend is still very much on the simpler side of life with major accents being flowers or berries on the cake.



This aspect of the wedding has also taken a turn toward being simplified. Couples are opting for more greenery in their floral arrangements, which includes everything from the bouquets to centerpieces and even the general setting. These displays are also getting much bigger as the lush greens are added to the mix. Large potted plants have often been used in the ceremony or rehearsal space to create this more wholesome and natural atmosphere.



Yet again we see a switch to more natural and traditional styles within wedding jewelry. Many brides desire to have vintage or classically cut jewels rather than wearing something in a more modern fashion. There has also been an upward trend of more colorful stones used. Stones are also getting bigger as couples choose larger carat sizes for their engagement rings. This is further discussed by George Bakoulas, general manager of the Australian Diamond Company in Melbourne, as he states, “So they’re getting a little bit more substantial with the engagement ring because they’ve recognized once the wedding day is done the only thing they’re left with is their rings and each other.”.


The Dress:

Women are starting to go for dresses that make them feel more confident and strong, as well as absolutely stunning. The big trend this season for wedding dresses is for them to have an extra dramatic element. Whether it be added sparkle, a beautiful long veil, or intricate lace, this year’s bride wants to make a statement. Brides have begun to shift away from merely being pretty in an effort to be bold, powerful, and show-stopping.