Lee Toplanding is not your average football fan. He is as committed to his favorite team as he is to his brand new bride, and here is why.

According to his Twitter account, this groom lives nearly 4,500 miles away from his beloved Dolphins. Located in England, Lee travels this distance every year to see his team in action.

The tradition began as somewhat of an accident when he and his father had planned to attend a Tampa Bay Buccaneers game, but changed their plans due to an overbooked flight. Fortunately, Lee was able to jump on another flight headed toward Miami. So instead, the pair caught a Miami Dolphins game that very same day. It was love at first kickoff.

It would certainly cause some tension if Toplanding’s new wife didn’t share in her husband’s appreciation for the Dolphins, or their headgear. Thankfully, she is the one that bought him the helmet!

This whole plan was set into motion when the couple created their cake topper featuring the same helmet. They loved it so much that they decided to match the sweet figurine with the real thing themselves.

Everyone knows that marriage is all about sacrifice and compromise. It seems as though these two are off to an amazing start! As you can tell from this snapshot Lee posted to his Twitter page, the couple seems happier than ever.

The Rent Letters team wishes them all the best, and we will keep our fingers crossed for the Miami Dolphins in the upcoming football season.