The marquee lights that Rent Letters has to offer are exactly what you need at your next big event. The two biggest benefits that our products have to offer are: personalization and simplicity.


How many decorations can seamlessly match the entire space around them every single time?

Much like a bridesmaid’s dress, many people assume that they will be able to use their decor again later on if they just make a few minor adjustments. With Rent Letters marquee lights, there’s no need for any adjustment at all.

We give you the ability to personalize every order. Are you throwing a year-end corporate holiday party? Great! Spell out the name of your corporation in marquee lights and use it as the perfect backdrop for hundreds of photos.

Our marquee lights are equipped with bright white LED Turbo Bulbs. This makes them impossible to ignore in any space. Their brilliant shine makes them a highlight to any kind of special event.


We here at Rent Letters like to keep things simple for our customers. That’s why we are in the rental business. Our letters are priced better than any other competitors for their large size and high quality.

We are with you every step of the way in the rental process. From the moment when you first call or click to order your marquee lights, to their return back to Rent Letters, we are here to make certain that you have a positive experience with our company.

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