Everyone is familiar with wedding crashers, but have any of them ever been this adorable? An article by the dodo follows the unique story of this newlywed couple and stray pooch.

Marília and Matheus were gearing up for their big day as a storm was rolling into São Paulo. The couple and guests were all taking shelter and trying their best to stay dry, and so was this stray dog.

Clingy Canine

The dog was not phased by the numerous people shooing him away. He returned to the ceremony over and over again despite his unwelcome presence.

During the ceremony he even laid across the bride’s veil as she and her soon-to-be husband exchanged vows! Clearly, this dog was a force to be reckoned with.

Despite the dog’s unplanned arrival and attendance, the bride and groom were happy to have him involved. Bride Marília expressed her happiness by saying, “It was a very pleasant surprise for me, because I love animals.”

Happily Ever After

It certainly made for a memorable day! However, once the couple was happily wed and everyone returned home, something felt like it was missing. The mysterious furry guest had disappeared as soon as the rain let up, but he was dearly missed by the new mister and misses.

So, the newlyweds set out to find him. It took over a week to track him down, but Marília and Matheus are now proud to say that their family now includes their new pet, Snoop.

Snoop appears to be adjusting to his new home quite nicely, and his new parents could not be more pleased. According to Marília, “We’re all very happy.”Photo Source