Not into the whole “traditional” wedding scene? We don’t blame you! Trends in 2018 have indicated that modern weddings are in, everyone is looking to put a unique twist on their special day. Generations of weddings in the U.S. have instilled many traditions that you almost feel obligated to follow, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make your day your own.

If you’re thinking to yourself right now, “Where do I even start?”

No worries, the experts at Rent Letters have you covered. We have compiled a list of staples for your contemporary wedding, and even a few unique suggestions to differentiate your 21st century wedding.


Go Digital

As technology becomes a part of everyone’s daily lives, it only makes sense to incorporate it into your wedding. The best and easiest way to incorporate this is to develop a timeless and chic wedding website.


Unconventional Venue

If a church or outdoor forest wedding isn’t quite your style, look into booking a venue that has a lot of meaning for you as a couple. Maybe that means a destination wedding where you and your partner first went, or a special place in town that would allow you to book for a venue.


Create A Theme

While this is a more common tradition, you can spice it up and personalize it between you and your partner. If there is a special place you met, have it themed around that concept. Whether that be a sporting event or a fun vacation, this would be very unique to include in your wedding.



Your dress can speak a thousand words, and this allows for tons of creativity. Traditional white dress and black tuxedo is always a classic, but don’t be afraid to play with different color palettes and patterns. Textures and unexpected color combinations will keep your wedding very chic and fresh.

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