Forget the flowers, give them donuts! This was the idea behind one Australian bride’s unique choice of bouquet arrangements.

23-year-old Paige Kirk of Sydney, Australia told the BBC, “Me and my husband, Steven, thought it would be different, fun and light hearted.”

All three of Kirk’s bridesmaids were a bit shocked when they were handed their delicious donuts, but they weren’t the only ones. Since posting photos of the ladies posed with their one-of-a-kind bouquets, people everywhere have been reacting to the images. The original post now has more than 5,300 views from around the world.

These sensational bouquets were made by Dessert Boxes. Home to The Original Dessert Box and Donut Bouquet, Dessert Boxes has taken a strong stance against boring gifts of all kinds. The appeal of their gifts is undeniable, because who can turn down a tasty donut?

The company ran a competition earlier in the year to find a bride to carry their donuts down the aisle. “When we spoke to Paige, we knew she was our winner,” a spokeswoman for Dessert Boxes told BuzzFeed News.

The bouquets were loved by everyone. Neither the guests nor the venue could believe their eyes when they saw pastries in the hands of the bridesmaids.

Many brides want to make their special day a little extra special with unique additions that really say something about them and their soon to be spouse. As we can all see, donuts are never a bad idea!

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*Featured image courtesy of Dessert Boxes