Hurricane Harvey has been an absolutely devastating natural disaster to many. As more and more people become displaced from their homes and communities, the need for support grows larger. These amazing couples each made incredible sacrifices to provide such support.

Danya Skolkin and Josh Tillis

These two lovebirds were intended to marry on September 3rd, but their plans soon changed with the arrival of the hurricane. As the storm approached, the severity of the situation became more and more clear.

In an effort to help, Skolkin and Tillis postponed their wedding and instead used their special day to provide hospital patients and evacuees with food that the couple had ordered for friends and family coming to their ceremony.

Their generosity was very welcomed by those in need. Skolkin and Tillis helped to distribute the meals themselves inside of the Aishel House, an organization started years ago by Skolkin’s own mother.

Skolkin went on to explain the change of plans in an interview with PEOPLE by saying, “We knew the way to make ourselves feel better about the situation was to get out in the community and volunteer.”

Sarah Candler and Ted McKenna

Sarah, being a former doctor in Atlanta, chose to stay overnight in the Houston VA Hospital instead of walking down the aisle.

When asked by an Atlanta News reporter about her decision to stay at the hospital Sarah said, “I think that anybody that goes into medicine does it because they like to take care of people. When somebody needs you right then and there and you’re the best-qualified person to do it, I feel I signed up for that. I signed up to be there for people, so that was my priority.”

Shortly thereafter, the couple returned to their home to find it had been affected by the hurricane as well. The floodwaters had taken a toll on the house, and also managed to ruin several unpacked boxes inside. One of the boxes held Sarah’s wedding veil.

The pair did not regret their choice to delay the wedding. They accepted the unfortunate situation with grace and a light-hearted attitude, and look forward to saying “I do” in the near future.

Shelley and Chris Holland

When hurricane Harvey destroyed every plan that these two had made for their big day, they didn’t quit. Even though their venue, cake, chapel, and catering had cancelled on this bride and groom, they were determined to be wed to one another.

Shelley explained the entire situation in a heartfelt Facebook post. She told the story of how Pastor Jorge Cardeas completed their wedding ceremony, even after he learned of his own home and church being flooded.

The perseverance of the Hollands and Pastor Cardeas have shown through these troubling circumstances have become an inspiration to many across the United States. At the end of it all, Shelley exclaimed, “Harvey we WON!”