Each year in a relationship can become more and more difficult for spontaneity to blossom. Valentine’s Day is especially tricky. This is particularly true if you are running behind schedule. An order of a dozen roses just isn’t going to happen by giving less than 24 hours notice.

That is why you need to be proactive. Unfortunately, it can still be difficult to think of a gift that is unique and original for your special someone, even if you have plenty of time. That is why Rent Letters is here to help you put together the perfect surprise for your valentine!

Marquee Moments

Each and every marquee light rental we complete is an original. There are no limits as to what you can express using all of our giant lighted letters, numbers, and symbols. Common Valentine phrases such as “Be Mine” or “Love” can become an extraordinary sight when lighted by 3 foot tall marquee letters. All of our marquee lights come equipped with LED turbo bulbs to give them a truly magnificent shine that cannot be outdone.

You can also take a more untraditional route if you prefer. Perhaps spell out your Valentine’s name, or a special message that holds significance to the two of you. Anything that you can think of can become a reality with our marquee lights.

Hurry to Order Your Marquee Lights!

Now that you are filled with spectacular Valentine’s Day ideas, don’t let them slip away. Call ahead right away to secure your marquee light rental order. We also have giant 3 foot lighted hearts available to incorporate into your special Valentine’s Day order. Whatever you choose to say, say it with love!

You may reach one of our friendly representatives at any time of the day by calling us at 1-800-450-1276. Or, if you prefer, you may also complete your order online via our website. To take a look at available inventory, please click HERE.

Thank you. We looking forward to working with you to create an incredible memory for both you and your Valentine.