The holiday season is filled to the brim with activities. It can sometimes seem like a never-ending stream of holiday events with one right after the other and no end in sight. Everyone slightly suffers through this monotonous season, but you don’t have to!

Make it Memorable

Shake things up a bit this year at your next holiday event. Create your own unique display using giant 3-foot tall powder white marquee lights from Rent Letters!

Our lights offer a dazzling shine that is never to be outmatched. Each letter, number, and symbol from Rent Letters is equipped with white LED turbo bulbs. These bulbs produce a rather powerful shine that is guaranteed to get the attention of those attending the event. You can also rent a dimmer box upon request if you would like to better control the amount of light released from your letters.

People will be gathering around your display all night long to marvel at its brilliance, and to take plenty of memorable photos! At the end of the day, when everything is said and done, you will certainly want amazing photographs to look back through in the years to come. Go the extra mile to make your next event the highlight of the holiday season with a marquee lighted centerpiece.

Interested? Contact Us!

Make sure that you beat the rush and get your letters before we no longer have them in stock! With such a busy holiday season upon us, there is no way to know if your marquee lights will be available unless you reach out to our representatives as soon as possible to reserve your letters.

To contact us, please give us a call at 1-800-450-1276. Our dedicated employees are always standing by to help make your order as seamless as possible. You may also wish to process your order online. To do this, please visit our website by clicking HERE. We look forward to helping make your holiday season the very best it can be!