For those outside of the special event industry, these two job titles may seem to mean the exact same thing. It is an easy mistake, but there actually IS a difference.

Event Manager

Event management is based on, well, managing an event. This means that the person in this role is tasked with creating and developing large-scale events of all kinds and seeing them through to their final stages.

The essential functions of an event manager are as follows:

  1. Identify the Target Audience
  2. Formulate the Event Concept
  3. Handle Logistics of the Event
  4. Project Management

All of these primary functions cover the main duties and responsibilities of an event manager, which are to coordinate entertainment for guests, command different teams responsible for various event functions, locate a venue and maintain compliance with venue policies and procedures, and any ongoing monitoring of the event that could include anything and everything not already discussed.

Event Planner

Event planning is a more removed role than event management. The event manager is on the floor in the thick of it all, whereas the event planner is more like the architect of the event.

Just to be clear, an event planner can also be an event manager. These two positions are not mutually exclusive, though there is still a separation between these roles.

The event planner is the very first one to engage with the event. They are the visionary, the overarching leader during the entire time prior to the event. Once it comes time for the event, the event manager steps in to ensure that the event planner’s wishes are carried out to the very best of their abilities.

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