As life goes on and memories fade, the one true testament to a wedding are its photos. Rosa and Russo Dias of Brazil were wed back in 1957, and were not able to spare the expense of a wedding photographer.

Photographer David Balatonfuerdi of São Paulo Fotographia came to know Rosa and Russo through a friend of the family. When he learned of their incredible story, he knew that he had to help.

Balatonfuerdi decided to take matters into his own hands and give the couple the wedding photo shoot that they never had. During the year of their 60th anniversary, Rosa and Russo represented the epitome of marriage in their shoot.

Balatonfuerdi spoke of the experience to the Huffington Post by saying, “We’ve shot a lot of couples, but they had a special glow and connection that gave us so much hope. They represented what an ideal marriage and partnership should be about, [they were] really nice and patient to each other.”

And it shows. The photos taken of Rose and Russo are absolutely heart warming. They are true role models of a lasting and happy marriage. To view the full gallery of photos taken by Balatonfuerdi, please visit the São Paulo Fotographia site HERE.


*Feature image courtesy of São Paulo Fotographia