The food served at your wedding is often so much more important than people realize. It is also more complicated. Trying to appeal to every guest’s tastes and dietary needs is never as easy as it seems. The other difficult part is making sure that it is something you really want to eat too.

Food Trucks:

There are several new wedding cuisine trends that are springing up this season. Quirky and unique options like food trucks are becoming very popular. This allows the couple to provide several totally different menu options while also incorporating a fun and carefree element.

Melissa McNeeley, professional wedding planner of Events by Melissa McNeely, says that many couples are starting to sway towards more casual dining options. She explains in an interview with that, “People are done with filet mignon and haricots verts.”

McNeely also says that just because couples are choosing less elaborate menus, that does not mean that they have to sacrifice an attractive presentation. Dressing up barbecue sliders with a nice platter and an inexpensive decorative napkin is all you really need to look polished and professional.

Craft Beers:

Craft beers are another popular item available at most weddings this season. This again serves the need of providing more options for your guest’s personal preferences. Craft beers themselves are a growing trend outside of the wedding circuit.

People today seem to particularly enjoy something a little out of the ordinary for their wedding. Something unique, and something special. The many different flavors and brews that craft beer has to offer gives a little something for everyone.

Family Recipes:

When planning every last detail of their wedding, couples want the entire event to relate directly to them and who they are. After all, it is their day! It is not uncommon to use an old family recipe that has been passed down through generations. This is a way for the newlyweds to share their own culture and history through food. It may not be the favorite dish of every guest, but it definitely means a lot to the couple and to their families.

As people look for ways to personalize and individualize their weddings, food is not off limits. Whether you hire a fine dining expert or the local pizza place to cater to your event, just remember not to sacrifice visual appeal. Even the smallest details can greatly improve the appearance of the cuisine.