Are you in the middle of planning a wedding or a large corporate work party? Is it getting a little stressful? We can relate. Or maybe throwing parties is your absolute jam! Either way, it’s essential to choose the right venue that will suit the party vibe perfectly.

Check out these awesome tips for finding your perfect venue without getting ripped off and making the most of what you have to work with.


Check It Out For Yourself

If at all possible, definitely scope out the venue before booking it. A picture may look amazing, but as we all know they can be very misleading. Some venue finders have a vast knowledge of different places for certain parties and events, but they obviously can’t know them all.

Checking out the venue for yourself also removes any unforeseen issues such as lack of outlets, the layout, or even the lighting from windows in the room. Yelp will be your best friend, but it’s not worth it to only rely on an app if you have the opportunity to see in person.


Use Your Network

Networks are crucial, especially if you’re planning an international event. If it’s tough to find unique locations in your home town, it obviously will be much harder to do in a foreign country. Utilize your coworkers in international offices for help choosing the hottest spot, or research and find expert event planners in the area. They will have all of the best inside information you need on what’s hot and what’s not all over the world!


Estimate Guests And Budget

Having a budget in mind is key when searching for a venue, as it is one of the pricier items you’ll be spending money on throughout the planning process. You will also need at least a rough estimate of how many people you’ll be inviting and how much you can spend before you make a list of dream venues. Number of guests and a budget is crucial to making sure you don’t waste time looking at venues that would be far too small for your guest list or way out of your budget.


Keep Style In Mind

The vibe of your party will be the ultimate determining factor to where you’ll be hosting your party or wedding. Whether it be low-key, formal, a crazy party bash, boho style, there’s a venue to match. Don’t count out the venues that aren’t technically considered venues. Often times barns are rented out for weddings, and several other restaurants or art museums will allow you to use for a venue as well. This could potentially require more work on your part and could be more expensive considering these places likely won’t have chairs and tables available to rent, so keep this in mind and make sure it will still fit into your budget.


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