There has been an ongoing trend of couples opting for more non traditional venues for their wedding ceremony and reception. Many make this choice for several reasons including making the experience unique and memorable as well as cost effective.

A Half Truth

It is often assumed that an alternative venue such as a secluded forest or an old barn would be extremely low cost. However, this is not always the case.

One advantage that banquet halls and country clubs provide is that they already possess necessary amenities and a network of additional servicers such as caterers or florists. A forest or barn does not have such luxuries.

Adding these fundamental aspects to a ceremony or reception is not very budget friendly. Portable restrooms, transportation services, and basic cutlery all begin to add up very quickly to equal more than $20,000. Before you get your heart set on a unique wedding venue, make sure you take the following factors into account.

A Package Deal

First, try to figure out what exactly is included with your venue. If the space has been used for ceremonies in the past, then there is a good chance that those coordinating the event will have a plan put together. This plan could include additional knowledge of vendors, restrooms, or electrical supplies, which are all invaluable if you are unfamiliar with the venue. In this case, it is more about who you know than what you know.


You can often greatly reduce the price tag for your reception if the wedding party chooses to supply their own alcohol and other assorted beverages. Caterers often drive up these costs in order to make it profitable for their company, but cutting out the middleman is sure to save you a few pennies.

This option may or may not be entirely possible depending on your particular venue. Some spaces require that the caterer provide any alcohol on site while others have more flexible policies and procedures.

Parking Principles

Remember the conversation we already had about making sure necessary amenities are available? Well, you may not think of parking as an amenity, but it certainly is necessary.

If your venue does not have enough space for guests to park, you may need to consider other options such as a shuttling service or uber and lyft rides to and from the ceremony or reception.

Such options are typically more common in urban areas, but you can also get a little creative with a tractor trailer if your venue is located in a more rural area. Take a look at these Innovative Wedding Transportation Ideas from Pinterest for more inspiration!

Capitalize On Your Surroundings

Floral arrangements are often one of the largest costs to consider when planning a wedding. However, you may be able to save some serious cash if you simply take advantage of the environment around you.

Unique venues often possess a wealth of natural beauty. After all, it is the originality of the venue that drew you to the location in the first place. Help your guests see the charm and character that you envisioned when you booked the venue by using minimal accents of decor and perhaps a few flowers here and there to enhance the environment.

Have A Backup

These unique locations that we have been discussing often exist outdoors. Mother nature is rarely reliable when it comes to wedding planning, so make sure that you have a Plan B to turn to in case the weather decides not to cooperate on your big day.

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