We’ve all been to that company event that has brought us closer to our colleagues and rejuvenated our spirits for the team to work towards common goals. We all have also been to the company events that feel like a waste of our personal and professional time. As the event planner for your corporation, it’s your responsibility to ensure everyone finds value in the activities and leaves the event with boosted morale. Here are some tips and tricks from Rent Letters on designing team building effects to ensure your guests have a positive experience at your corporate event.


Start With Basics

Karla Singson, CEO of PREP – PR, Events and Promotions, says effective team building events have three basic ingredients:

  • Good for fostering teamwork and friendship
  • Efficient
  • Fun!

These events shouldn’t feel forced, instead they should build a genuine excitement that generate effective team building practices together.


Don’t Forget The Fun

This is a critical step in the development of team building events. Fun and productivity are not at all mutually exclusive, when combined they typically achieve management’s event goals. The key to this is achieving fun while also being productive and purposeful.

Corporate Event News interviewed Leigh Long, head of marketing at XD Agency, on the topic:

“The key is delivering fun that’s purposeful. A game of laser tag certainly could be considered fun, but to what purpose? When an event is designed with a clear purpose in mind — and every element of that event is designed in service of that purpose — it’s designed for success.”

Everyone’s personalities are different, and everyone will benefit differently from the activities you create. We recommend you to approach your event’s activities as no one needing to do a specific task. Presence can be mandatory, but participation in certain events can be optional so you create a balance between pushing someone out of their comfort zone and making an employee uncomfortable.


Creative Is A Possibly With Any Budget 

Work with your vendors and be transparent with your budget. Often times they will have great ideas for you to get creative because they do this every day. As always when defining your budget, include allowances for surprises along the way, and rigorously track spending in real-time. The best and easiest way to control costs with a tight budget is making your event mobile and tech-driven. There are so many apps to help with events and event planning, and they also help you to prioritize certain event elements.


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